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Welcome to Ernabella Arts

Ernabella Arts nyangangka minyma pampa munu wati tjilpi, kungkawara munu yangupala tjuta warkarinyi nganampa arts-pangka nganana mukuringkula wangkaringi nganampa warka pulkaringkula kunpuringkula community nganampa wiru titutjura ngaranytjaku.

Ernabella Arts is a place where we senior women and men and young women and men practice and develop our art, in order to sustain, support and promote our cultural heritage, and to improve the lifestyle of our community’s members.

Contact Us

P: +61 8 8956 2954
F: +61 8 8956 7940

E: arts@ernabellaarts.com.au

M: PMB Ernabella
Via Alice Springs NT 0872

Gallery open 9 – 5 Mon to Fri
(except by appointment)

Application Package for:
Production Coordinator Position
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